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At its core, La Weez Jewelry represents the transcendent power of artistic inspiration and creative motivation.

 In 2011, Nichole Louise McKinney was left unable to work due to a back injury.  After two long years of physical limitation and living with the constant fear of not knowing what she might do next, Nichole’s husband encouraged her to stop dwelling on what she was no longer capable of doing, and to focus on what she truly dreamt of doing

... to design and produce jewelry that inspires those who wear it as much as she is inspired to create it.


About The Designer…

Growing up outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Nichole was raised in a creative family where she spent countless hours scouring local thrift shops for rare finds, and polishing her fashion sense in her mother's vintage clothing store.  In 2000 Nichole moved to NYC for college.  She then started a career as an Event Manager.  Having spent her twenties in NYC, Nichole, and her now husband headed West to discover the laid-back bohemian Southern California lifestyle first-hand.  The places she lived have shaped her sense of style and the unique aesthetic that would later become La Weez Jewelry.

About The Jewelry…

After learning and honing her skills in lost wax casting and metal fabrication, Nichole began to give away her handmade pieces as gifts.  Friends and strangers alike began asking how they could purchase her unique creations and from there the business took shape.

Nichole has always sought out unique and distinctive pieces to fill her jewelry box and she knows she's not the only one.  It is for this reason that Nichole has put so much of herself into each and every piece of jewelry which she designs, and makes by hand in her Southern California studio.

In her current collections, you will find a unique crossroads where things found in nature collide with Nichole’s unmistakable vintage aesthetic. Meant to transition from day to night, and season to season - items in the collections range from bold brass statement pieces to boho essentials, all designed to complement and complete a dynamic wardrobe.