All Jewelry

It is highly recommended to always be very gentle with your jewelry. Pulling at, dropping & being rough with your jewelry will likely break it. It is also recommended to put on your make-up, hairspray & perfume prior to putting on your jewelry. All of these items cause build-up & eventual discoloration of your jewelry. Check the fine print on jewelry cloths & cleaning prior to using on your jewelry to make sure it will not damage your piece.

Brass Jewelry

Many La Weez pieces are made from raw brass. The nature of brass is to patina. A protective wax is put on your piece to hinder the patina process however it will only last a period of time. If you enjoy the look of patina – leave your piece as is. If you want to keep a shiny finish – regular use of a jewelry cloth such Sunshine Cloths (avail on Amazon) will keep your jewelry looking good for years to come. Getting you brass jewelry wet will also encourage patina/tarnish. Many people note green coloration of the skin with brass. This is due to levels of PH in the skin – generally speaking it is not harmful to you, however if you have an allergy or sensitivity to brass, it’s recommended you don’t choose a brass piece and/or choose earrings with sterling posts or ear wires.


Every stone has a different hardness. Generally speaking it is best to never drop or bang a stone against anything. Many stones used in La Weez pieces are soft – ex. crystals are very fragile & will easily chip or break. Avoid getting stones wet – especially dyed crystals and druzys. Getting a stone wet can…loosen the stone from it’s setting, cause damage to and/or discolor the stone. Always remove rings, necklaces, earrings & bracelets prior to showering or washing your hands.

Should you have additional jewelry care questions please email info@laweezjewelry.com